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The Frog in the Birdhouse

After church on Sunday in West Palm Beach, I walked by a decorative birdhouse in the church playground. At the entrance to the bird house sat a frog. It was so beautiful and so perfectly positioned and still that I assumed it must be a statue or plastic replica. I did a double take, however, when I realized that it was breathing. So I ran inside and dragged the girls out to look. They were delighted, but still a bit skeptical until Jeliya poked the poor little guy in the nose, causing him to retreat indignantly into his home. Brieana drew this representation…


I miss Florida wildlife!

One thought on “The Frog in the Birdhouse

  1. josh

    I remember some 15 years ago, we caught a tiny little green treefrog. You kept it and fed it for months, naming it Marcellus. Right before we left Florida, we released it back to the wild with other tree frogs . . . at which point Marcellus was at least twice as big as the largest “undisturbed” frog.

    I still wonder: was he able to keep that size, or did he just become a tasty snack for a predator?

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