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Today we visited my other grandmother, Grammy Jan. She lives about an hour away so we read in the car. We seriously got lost trying to find her place and ended up paying the toll bridge twice!

She has a wonderful place, three stories tall with three sets of stairs and two walk-in closets. She also has a great view of the community pool, which she lives right next to. After eating a filling lunch including much of Publix’s ‘White Mountain Bread’ (good stuff) and Oceana blueberry juice, we walked out the back door and down a total of two meters to open the gate to the pool.

Swimming was great, and the water was so clear compared to the sandy sea water. There were a lot of bugs in it, though. I preferred to swim with my goggles off because I can open my eyes underwater. It is blurry, but you can make out big shapes – it also doesn’t hurt. After holding ‘Water Olympics’ with my Jeliya, I spent a lot of time trying to do a flip.

I could do flips when I was very little, but I think one day I was doing a handstand and flipped over backwards. I landed painfully with lots of water up my nose. After that, I think I was too scared to try to flip again. Today, I managed it for the first time in years. It was so exciting that I did it again and again. I could do backwards flips, forward flips, weird sideways rolls- I screamed with delight.

Every silver lining comes with a cloud though, and I ended up with water in both my ears so that I was continually shouting and also choking many, many times on the water that went up my nose.

Still, I had a great time!!

Then I exhausted myself playing with Grammy Jan’s never-tired cat, Julip. She is an orange cat – but a girl – which is quite rare and surprising. She absolutely loves to play.

After we had left, we headed to Michaels to get some art supplies like glue. While we were in Michaels, there was a terrific thunderstorm. The thunder shook the building, and you couldn’t see through the rain. My mom refused to drive through the storm, sadly, and we had to wait in the store for almost an hour for the rain to clear.

A really eventful day.

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