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The Wild Blue Yonder

Portland => Florida=>Colorado=>Bangkok, Thailand=>Cairns, Australia => Perth, Australia => Krabi, Thailand =>Koh Samui,Thailand => Chiang Mai, Thailand =>Bangkok=> Portland

Either we’re awesome… or we’re crazy.

That pretty much sums up the reaction of our friends and family upon hearing the entirety of our summer plans. Of course, I always like to think that maybe we’re a winning combination of both, but the last few days of madly racing around in preparation to embark has forced me to consider the very real possibility that perhaps this time we’ve tipped the invisible scales and are now firmly in the realm of the wackadoodle.

Well, it’s too late for second thoughts now. We’re committed. As I type these words we’re soaring across the heavens on our way to sunny Florida. Beside me, the girls are giggling and toasting each other with clear plastic airline cups full of Sprite. Whoops. Scratch that. Now they’re mopping up Sprite from Jeliya’s lap with tiny airline napkins. Cheers!

One thought on “The Wild Blue Yonder

  1. masterblaster

    We’re moved past whackadoodle and firmly into whack-a-wallaby.

    Ok, not a wallaby, that would offend you, but certainly nothing as mundane as a mole.

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